The Chocolate Cat Caper - Joanna Carl

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The Chocolate Cat Caper - Joanna Carl

Meet Lee McKinney, a Texas divorcee who moves to Michigan to work with her aunt in the family business, a gourmet chocolatier. When one of the summertime visitors, a high-profile celebrity lawyer, dies from cyanide poisoning after eating one of TenHuis Chocolade's delectable goodies, Lee is determined to find out who tampered with the treats.

The Chocaholic Mysteries:

The Chocolate Cat Caper (2002)

The Chocolate Bear Burglary (2002)

The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up (2003)

The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (2004)

The Chocolate Mouse Trap (2005)

The Chocolate Bridal Bash (2006)

The Chocolate Jewel Case (2007)

The Chocolate Snowman Murders (2008)



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