Explore Pioneer Life with Laura Ingalls Wilder Series

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How can I interest my child in U.S. history?

Explore Pioneer Life with Laura Ingalls Wilder Series

In her award-winning series of eight books for children, Laura Ingalls Wilder chronicles her family’s life as pioneers in the late nineteenth century. Leaving their Wisconsin home in 1874, Laura and her sisters, along with Ma and Pa Ingalls, moved through Kansas and Minnesota before eventually settling in De Smet, South Dakota in 1879.

Wilder tells the story of their journeys in eight books. Since initially published, the books have been continually in print. Here are the books in the order of their publication:

• “Little House in the Big Woods” (1932)
• “Farmer Boy” (1933)
• “Little House on the Prairie” (1935)
• “On the Banks of Plum Creek” (1937 – Newbery Honor book)
• “By the Shores of Silver Lake” (1939 – Newbery Honor book)
• “The Long Winter” (1940 – Newbery Honor book)
• “Little Town on the Prairie” (1941 – Newbery Honor book)
• “These Happy Golden Years” (1943 – Newbery Honor book)

All of the books are appropriate for ages 8-12, although the later books deal with some serious problems including homesteading hardships, illness and near starvation. Even younger children will enjoy having the first few books read aloud to them.

The “Little House” books are glimpses into a simpler time in U.S. history. The Ingalls family's journey included homes in Indian Territory as well as the rigors of homesteading. The books are filled with gentle humor and examples of core family values such as honesty, hard work, perseverance, togetherness and love.



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