The Complete Poems of Anne Sexton

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What did Anne Sexton write?

The Complete Poems of Anne Sexton

Organized chronologically, The "Complete Poems of Anne Sexton" is a collection of her life's work. Born in Massachusetts in 1928, Sexton completed 10 volumes of poetry before her self-inflicted death in 1974. All of her poetry books, including her Pulitzer award-winning "Live or Die," are included in this over 600 page book, which was compiled and completed in the early 1980s. Called a "confessional poet," Sexton's poetry draws from her rich and complicated life experiences: the death of her mother, sexual affairs, motherhood, her profession, and the political and social climate. The book is a monument of her career as a writer and her skill as a poet; even after 30 years, her work is still relevant, important and critical within literary history, giving the writer insight into the particular literary movements over several decades.



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