Fabric Softeners Can Help Musty Book Odors

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How do I get the musty smell out of my books?

Fabric Softeners Can Help Musty Book Odors

A quick way to get rid of musty odors that linger in old books is to place a fabric softener sheet inside the middle of the books. This will rid the books of odor, as well as keep odors from settling into your books.



2/8/2009 8:08:04 PM
Bob F said:

Get a large bucket and place a layer of activated charcoal (like you would use in fish tanks not the briquettes used for grilling) in the bottom. Find a smaller container, the size of the book, and place it inside the larger bucket, adding additional charcoal around the outside making sure that nothing falls into the small container. Carefully place the book so that it rests slightly open, inside the smaller container, then seal the large one. Place to the side for at least 2 weeks. The charcoal will freshen the book without any chance of damaging it. Again, length of time will vary depending on how bad the smell is.


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