Write Your Own Review!

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How do I write a book review?

Write Your Own Review!

Have you read a book you really enjoyed? One that was special to you, one you told your friends about? Tell the world! Write your own book reviews, and publish them on your website, or better yet, submit them to review publications to reach a wider audience. Pass your enthusiasm on to others, so that they can enjoy the book as well ... you might even gain a moment of fame when your review is published for others to read! Begin your review by listing: Title Author Publisher Publisher´s Address ISBN number You can also include the price, date of publication, and page count. All this information is available right in your book, on the publisher´s page (usually the first left-hand printed page). Then list: "Your Name" reviewer You can include your e-mail or snail mail address (usually not required, but helpful) Now, write your review. Tell your readers why you think it was a great book and what you liked about it. This can include your opinion on the skills of the author, a brief excerpt from the book, a synopsis of the plot, why you liked the book, and other information you feel would interest the reader. If it´s a book of poetry, include a poem; if it´s a joke book, include your favorite joke ... a cookbook review could feature a sample recipe. Try to be concise, but let your enthusiasm for the book shine through. Avoid "spoilers" ... don´t give away the ending, or provide too much detail. If you wish, you can also provide information about the author, including his or her other books. Where to publish? Check with your local library. Many libraries put out review newsletters and would be pleased to have your contribution. Put the review up on your own website, or submit it to other review websites ... or send it to me (BookGuru@lifetips.com) and be published right here in Book-tips!



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