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Can I listen to books and stories on my computer?

Audio Book Files Online

Do you enjoy being read to? Nobody around to do it? Check out Wired for Books and select one of their RealAudio offerings. At the time of this writing, they have such classics as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Shakespeare's MacBeth, The Aenid read in Latin or The Iliad in ancient Greek, and more. If you love poetry, they have audio files of poetry from such illuminati as Allen Ginsburg, J. Allyn Rosser, Dave Smith and many others, and short stories from Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain and more! There's even a Peter Rabbit Audio Slide Show, set up for either 28.8 or 56K+ modems.

How much does it cost? Nothing! These files are free, so click the link below and enjoy yourself.

Wired for Books

Where can I find books to read online?

Visit BiblioBytes! has hundreds of FREE books online, for you to read at the comfort of your own computer! Check out their listing today!

Go to Bibliobytes

Where can I borrow Audiobooks?

Audiobooks from the Library

Audio books can be expensive. Check with your library to see if they have audiobooks you can check out. Most libraries will have access to audiobooks from other libraries in the district also.

Where can I find books to read online?

IT Tech Books Online

IT Techs to the forefront ... Infosyssec, the information system security professionals, has compiled a list of books, info sheets and technical manuals available online in many computer-technical areas. When I was researching good sites for this category, I got hung up on this one for a couple of hours!

Books Online

What should I look for in buying an audiobook player?

Be Prepared!

As many of us are faced with longer drives these days, visiting family in the hinterlands :) ... consider the huge choice of audiobooks you have as a fresh and welcome change to the mundane radio chatter. Many suppliers are now offering mp3 formatted CDs, the advantage? Only 19 hours of narration on one disk! Avoid having to worry about selecting one of a series of 8 CDs (or 22 tapes) - make sure your player is compatible with mp3 and ask your library or supplier for the mp3 version of your favourite book.

Where can I find books to read online?

Read the Classics Online

Bibliomania has it all: classic fiction, drama, poetry and short stories, along with contemporary articles and interviews. The site also offers book notes, author bios, summaries and an excellent reference section.

How can I read when I have no time?

No Time to Read?

Sometimes it's hard to find time to read in this busy world. Take advantage of Audio Books, available on cassettes, Audio CDs and mp3 CDs, to keep up with the best sellers on your way to work, the store, shopping, or while driving "Mom's Taxi"

Where can I find audio files of poems and short stories online?

Poetry and Short Stories for Free!

Here's a great books online site by Mark Bolton, friend of one of our gurus. He reads poetry and short stories. Aussiegirl says: "I have never heard Edgar Allen Poe sound this good, well worth a listen, free download too!"

Where can I find books to read online?

Online Books Page

John Mark Ockerbloom offers the "Online Books page" - this portal page will connect you with over 20,000 books to educate and entertain.

Books Online

Where can I find used or discounted Audiobooks?

Audiobook Swap

Check with local used bookstores to see if they handle audiobooks. Many do, and you may be able to swap your audiobooks for new ones, or get the ones you want at a reduced price.

Where can I find books to read online?

Books-On-Line for You

Books-On-Line has links to (at the time of this writing) 17,191 books you can read online. While you will find that most of the current best-seller links are only "Sample Chapters," virtually everything else if full-text. (This is due to copyrights; read their front page for an enlightening explanation). An outstanding resource, well worth checking out.


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