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Conan Doyle's Wallet: The Secrets Within - Patrick McNamara

McNamara, a psychic-medium advisor and consultant, says that he has had spirit contacts since he was a child, including the spirit of a man with a moustache and a pleasant smile. He says it was many years later that he realized the spirit that he saw was Arthur Conan Doyle. McNamara believes that Conan Doyle's spirit gave him guidance and support through the years.

This spiritual connection encouraged his interest in items from Conan Doyle's estate when they came up for auction in London. He attended the auction and was able to purchase a wallet that had been packed up and left largely untouched since Conan Doyle's death in 1930. In his book, McNamara examines the personal items he found in the wallet and shares the information he obtained from them. He also gives a history of Conan Doyle and the author's belief in spiritualism, as well as discussing his own beliefs. McNamara helps readers understand that how we live our lives on earth determines our path in the afterlife.

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