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What are the best cookbooks for making candy?

The Ultimate Candy Book - Bruce Weinstein

One of the best candy-making books currently in print is Weinstein's "Ultimate Candy Book." He starts out with quick and simple goodies, and works up to some pretty sophisticated recipes, such as candy Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree. The book is filled with over 700 recipes and gift-giving ideas.

What kind of magics can I do with coffee?

Cafe Nation: Coffee Folklore, Magick and Divination - Sandra Mizumoto Posey

Posey investigates the spells and intuitions one can work, with ... that´s right ... coffee. Reading coffee grounds much as you would tea leaves, or concocting potions with herbs or spices, you can create both a delicious drink and a remedy for various minor complaints. Posey describes all of this and more, along with a healthy helping of information about the history and social uses of coffee. A marvelous gift or self-reward for any coffee drinker interested in the occult.

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