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Where can I find a review of Hollywood Dating Blunders?

Hollywood Dating Blunders - Jim Carroll and Dennis Foose

Jerry Seinfield once described the date as a long job interview. Interviews make us nervous, edgy, and submissive. If dating is a job interview, singles need a practical, funny, entertaining guide that will unravel the nerves and prick the funny bone, and no one knows better how to take readers on a witty ride than renowned authors Jim Carroll and Dennis Foose, LPC, the perfect two guys to take on any pre-dating adventure before going on the thrilling road trip.

Hollywood Dating Blunders: Rules, Questions, and Warning Signs to Avoid the Bloopers is entertaining and enlightening while revealing an undeniable truth that debunks Hollywood´s dating myths about dating and successful marriages. The authors´ tongue and cheek advice hits home with readers when they remind them to avoid mixing "oil and water" to not "date a cadaver" and that singles should "go shopping" but avoid being "impulse buyers." The authors remind readers that those who are "lovesick" should "stay alone until" no longer "contagious" and that it is sometimes best to "kick the tires to align the front end." Literal kicking, however, is never allowed or tolerated by a healthy mate.

Through meaningful Hollywood dating clips from the most popular movies, readers learn how to set priorities and stick to beliefs, while they explore issues such as "sex and purity," "forgiveness and past hurts," lying, envy, and self-esteem. Readers learn how to better "take charge" of their lives so they can readily move toward being a healthier, happier dating partner and later a marriage partner. Humorous interludes with the movies´ best stories teach readers that it is best to avoid being a "rent a mate" and will help them fully understand why it is essential to avoid "shoplifting" and "wait for the sale."

Tidbits of information such as if a date is "struck on themselves" a person better "watch out for the Velcro." Or if a "dating partner constantly criticizes, nags, or comes up with a better idea than yours" that a red flag has been waved in front of you. The authors suggest that if a person is "always chasing the best" or wants "someone who is already taken" that the person may have baggage to clear up before committing to another relationship. Be healthy first, the authors would say, then seek a healthy date. The authors´ advice to "Test your dating partners, then flunk or pass them" and to just say, "No way, Jose" makes sense when readers realize that a healthy person bases decisions on information given to them from dating partners.

The rules, questions, and warning signs throughout the book enable readers to come up with answers about their personal lives and about their dating partners as well. In the end, the best advice in the book might be: "If a relationship is work, quit your job." Sometimes quitting is the best way to move forward in life.

Finally, readers must realize that dating is like any other part of life, and that life is complicated. Then, and only then, will a person see through the fallacy of the love at first site theory, for as we know after reading Hollywood Dating Blunders that "If it is love at first sight, it was a vampire bite (bats are blind, too)."

Sandwiched between interaction with movie clips and the authors´ real life examples, readers learn how to build personal self-esteem and that it is best not to "go directly to jail" and that a "buyer" should "beware" and "read the fine print." To point out baggage areas in a reader´s personal life or in a dating partner´s life, readers are provided with a number of "ifs" such as "If you believe that marrying someone will make you whole...." or "If you repeatedly pick the same type of dating partner...." or "If you are too frightened to be seen without makeup or while wearing a bathing suit...." all issues related to self-esteem, that signal you need to clear up baggage in your life. Each "if" serves as a watchdog, a warning to readers advising them to stop and take note.

Within a series of rules, questions, baggage, and warning signs, all illustrated with eye-catching graphic buttons, this hot, new book will attract the reader´s attention while hypnotizing words keep them turning page after page. The authors create a sense of knowing and caring and sharing with readers, making them see the healthy aspects of dating while realizing that the art of dating is a noble task in itself.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Hollywood Dating Blunders is a collaboration of Jim Carroll and Dennis Foose, LPC. With over fifty years combined business, personnel, and ministry experience, Jim and Dennis bring a fresh new approach to the challenge of successful dating relationships. Over the past seven years, Jim and Dennis have worked together in developing seminars and workshops, curriculums, and counseling services. Jim is the Director of "The Road Adventure," which has a mission of providing life enriching seminars, materials, and counseling directly and in conjunction with communities and churches across the United States.

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Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames - Thich Nhat Hanh

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh tackles one of the strongest human emotions - anger. The Vietnamese monk attempts to put complex ideas into simple packages, and in the book teaches that in the end, to be angry is to suffer, and that it is our responsibility to lessen our own suffering. Our anger begins and ends with ourselves. Many of his suggestions go against some of our popular ideas of anger management. For instance, Hanh says that actions such as punching a pillow, rather than expressing and reducing our anger causes us to actually rehearse our anger.

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