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How can I find an online books discussion group?

Join an Online Discussion Group

If you live in a place where you aren´t surrounded by like minds, you may not be able to get enough people together to make a book discussion group interesting. With the internet, this is no longer a problem - join an online group instead. Many of the social networking sites such as FaceBook or MySpace have books groups, and Yahoo has hundreds of email groups for almost every genre imaginable. These groups can be great fun, and a good way to meet people who share your interests.

How can I start a children´s book club?

How to Start a Book Club for Kids

To start a book club for kids:

1) Invite your child´s friends, or, if you want to reach out and include different members, post a notice at your library, church, or community center.

2) Keep the discussion manageable and allow each child to participate by limiting your membership to ten or so.

3) Set a regular time and place, so logistics and organizing doesn´t become a drain on your time.

4) Share the responsibility by letting other parents and children host the club.

5) Choose fun books. Bring several choices for the next book to each meeting, and allow a vote.

Where can I find online book reviews?

Book Review Newsgroup

If you haven´t discovered the online newsgroups yet, you could be missing out. There are hundreds of English-language newsgroups pertaining to books and authors, and dozens more in the languages of your choice. For book reviews, try

How can I start a book club?

Start an Informal Book Club

Most readers have friends who read. Forget the formalities, and plan casual get-togethers once a month. Have a luncheon, meet for coffee, or gather in the local park for a picnic. Choose a book, genre, or topic in advance, and make sure that all the members know what will be up for discussion. Be sure to allow members to bring guests, and soon you'll have a thriving group.

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