Deodorizing a Musty Book - Tip 2

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How can I deodorize a musty book?

Deodorizing a Musty Book - Tip 2

One-Drop Deodorant for Smelly Books

Look for a small bottle of liquid deodorant (maybe 6 inches high, including a drop dispensing lid) at the drugstore or grocery store. The pet food and car product aisles are good prospects. If the instructions say to place one drop of the deodorant on/in a glass container, you've found the correct product. (There are many brand names; most of the liquids I've seen are green.)

It is most effective to build a small chamber for the books by putting a cardboard box into a plastic trash bag. Then stand the books open, put one drop of the deodorant onto a glass dish in the corner of the box, and tie up the plastic bag. Check the books daily, at which time another drop of deodorant can be added. Mild smells are gone in a couple of days, and nasty problems can take a week to cure.

I've described this product to dozens of callers over the last 10 years, and no-one has called back for further help.



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